Better Together: Caring & Coping post-COVID-19

Better Together: Caring & coping in our post-COVID-19 world

With the spread of novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 across the globe, we know that individuals, families, & businesses around the world are facing unprecedented disruptions & uncertainty. As our team maintains operations in our home offices, we want you to know that now, more than ever, we're here to help. How?

Better Together: A helping hand for clients facing COVID-19 business challenges

To help businesses take a 25% discount off standard pricing for all COVID-19 projects (communications, writing, editing, research & development, branding) through at least 2/28/2021. Contact us to learn more or start your project. Your discount will be applied automatically; promo codes or coupons not required.

Better Together: A Micro Blog

On a personal note, we've been exploring all sorts of options to stay busy, keep learning, and have fun...all while staying physically distanced and socially active. Along the way, we've also found some great hacks to reduce stress, improve health, overcome pantry shortages, and even (gasp!) get around the dreaded toilet paper shortage. To share our favorite hacks and ideas, we've started a mini-blog here & hope you find them helpful. We'd love to hear what you think and how you're doing. Please get in touch to let us know! Don't forget to tell us which tricks and hacks worked for you, and share your own favorites & coping strategies with us. #BetterTogether #StaySafe

Back to School - Quarantine Style!

Watching seed starts & spring blossoms inspired me to try an online botany course...and I love it! Read more here.