Better Together: Caring & Coping post-COVID-19

Better Together: Caring & Coping in our post-COVID-19 world (a microblog)

With the spread of novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 across the globe, we know that individuals, families, & businesses around the world are facing unprecedented disruptions & uncertainty. As our team maintains operations in our home offices, we want you to know that now, more than ever, we're here to help. How?

To help businesses, we are offering a 25% discount for all Coronavirus/COVID-19 communications projects through 5/31/2020. Contact us to learn more or start your project. The discount will be applied automatically; promo code or coupon not required.

On a personal note, we've been exploring all sorts of options to stay busy, keep learning, and have fun...all while staying physically distanced and socially active. Along the way, we've also found some great hacks to reduce stress, improve health, overcome pantry shortages, and even (gasp!) get around those pesky toilet paper shortages. We'll share our favorite hacks and ideas here & hope that you find them helpful in your 'new normal' lives. We'd love to hear back from you. Drop us a line to tell us how you're doing, which tricks & hacks worked for you, and - of course - share your own favorites & coping strategies with us. #BetterTogether #StaySafe

Back to School - Quarantine style!

After Michigan's Stay Home, Stay Safe shelter-in-place order was extended last month, I knew it was time to find something new to do...something fun, something to keep me not just busy, but truly entertained while also allowing me to learn something new.

At that time, I had just starting sprouting some seeds indoors. Watching the different varieties of garden peas emerge was fascinating - and a nice distraction from reading - and worrying about - the news. I started to pay close attention to the magic of spring unfolding outdoors. With the extra time at home due to the Covid-19 "lockdown" (aka quarantine), I finally had time to notice these day to day changes. And that made me realize that I didn't remember - or perhaps never knew - much of the science behind gardening. Looking for a good resource to take me deeper into the world of plants, I found a few options. Most were textbook style resources - great reference materials, sure. But not exactly fun or entertaining. I also found some online college courses - but those were out of my price range & called for more time than I was willing to give. After a bit more digging, I found what I was looking for: Plant Science: An Introduction to Botany offered through The Great Courses Plus.

Fast forward to today - I love the course & can highly recommend it. The flexible format and balance between entertainment & in depth learning is just right. homework!

I'm hooked & have already picked out my next's that fun. Join me! Use this link to see what it's all about & start your own 30 day free trial. See you in class! --Monica 5/4/2020